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Month: September 2020

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Souletri Spotlight

Listen to ‘Souletri Spotlight w/ Earline Stephen’ on Spreaker.

Keeping it Funky with Troy Weekes


Morphmom Moments

Listen to “Morphmom Moments” on Spreaker.

What’s Really Good with Jeanette Berry

In this new year, What’s Really Good? takes a look at different topics at the intersections of Community, Culture, and Politics. As a musician and educator, I believe in necessary…

Funkadelic Family Showcase

The Funkadelic Family Showcase is a giveback to our family and friends at Funkadelic Studios. Produced by Jade Zabric. Hosted by Troy Weekes, Samantha Echo and Adrian Elias. Thank you…

Cinema Therapy

Can We Not?

Listen to ‘Can We Not? w/ Evan Combest’ on Spreaker.

Boozy News

Listen to ‘Boozy News w/ Roberto de Jesus’ on Spreaker.

Camera Angles (Video Editing)

How To Fake 360 Move in After Effects  



Double Stops on the Guitar

Guitar Double Stops From http://www.fretjam.com/guitar-double-stops.html Double stops are a nice technique to add to your lead guitar repertoire. They’re pretty simple – where you play two notes/strings together. Another name…

Dale Novella

Creater of the The Poet Podcast Listen to ‘Poet Podcast w/ Dale Novella’ on Spreaker. Poet Will Be Televised!