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  • Up Front with Frank Rothstein (Live on Mondays at 5pm! Replay on Tuesdays 5pm)

Up Front with Frank Rothstein (Live on Mondays at 5pm! Replay on Tuesdays 5pm)

Here are the latest episodes from Up Front with Frank. When the show is live, check back here for the LIVE AUDIO FEED Listen to ‘Up Front with Frank Rothstein’…

Song Clearing Submission Form

Direct link to Clearing Form Loading…

Funkadelic Fridays Returns!

Artist Checklist

 Cover all the bases of Music Publishing    ASCAP.com or BMI, SESAC?  SoundExchange.com SongTrust.com MusicReports.com  https://themlc.com/ https://musiclibraryreport.com/ – resource to find Music Libaries top sync libraries https://www.millennialmind.co/top-sync-licensing-music-libraries/ https://www.musicconnection.com/ And make…

Easy Songs to Play on Guitar

  Born In The USA – Bruce Springsteen – CAPO 7 Love Me Do – The Beatles Everyday People – Sly And The Family Stone Ring of Fire – Johnny…

Robby Russell’s Garage Mania (Tuesdays at 9pm)


Mia’s World!

Join your host and quintessential New Yorker Mia Berman for Mia’s World, a weekly podcast that profiles passionate writers, musicians, artists – all with a savory twist of humor and a pinch of…

Get Verified on Google!

Take control of your artist profile when someone searches you on Google! How to get verified To verify that you’re an authorized representative for the entity, follow the steps below:…

Easy Songs to Play on Guitar with Sheet Music and Diagrams!

The Poet WILL Be Televised! 7 Year Anniversary Video!

The Poet WILL Be Televised! SUBSCRIBED In December 2020, The Poet WILL Be Televised crew, Dale Novella, Baxter Wordsworth, and Jade Zabric came together to watch some of our favorite…

Bob Dylan Song Contest

Got a Bob Dylan cover? or an original song in the style of Bob Dylan? How about an impression? Send you video (Link) to SkyesCrescentRadio@gmail.com Due January 31st, we will…

Draw Guitar Chord Charts!

This site allows you to draw guitar chord diagrams in the browser! Enjoy! http://www.marchantpeter.co.uk/guitar-chord-diagrams.php  

Beginner Guitar Songs

    Beginner Guitar Songs: Simple 2 and 3-chord Tunes To help you memorize chords better, and practice chord switching, we’ve compiled this list of 2 and 3 chord beginner…

Guitar Lessons by Jade Zabric

Hi! I’m offering guitar lessons over ZOOM! Beginner/Intermediate Guitar and Music Theory  My Music History: I began playing guitar at 12 years old. By 13, I was singing and playing…

Porgy and Bess


Teaching Guitar

Resources: The “CAGED System”of Open Guitar Chords that are “Best” For Beginners   https://www.guitartutoronline.com/beginners/basic-chords/overview  

Affective Musical Key Characteristics

  The association of musical keys with specific emotional or qualitative characteristic was fairly common prior to the 20th century. It was part of the shared cultural experience of those…

Lost Boy by Ruth B.

Lost Boy by Ruth B  More songs at The Sound Program! [Verse 1] Em G There was a time when I was alone C G Nowhere to go and no place…

Free Books!


Natoma (Opera)

Billboard Music Top 100 Chart

Songs in the Public Domain

Songs in the Public domain are songs that: All rights have expired. The authors have explicitly put a work into the public domain. There never were copyrights. For more information…

Popular Songs based on Classical Music

  (2012) “Ill Manors” by Plan B samples “Alles Neu” by Peter Fox (2007) including the motif from Shostakovich Symphony No. 7 (2012) “Ti penso e cambia il mondo” by…

Jam Academy

  MUSIC   What is sound? Vibrations in the air What is music? Controlled or Manipulated Vibrations What is pitch? Measured Vibrations   What is frequency? Number of revolutions per…

Opera Time Line

  1600–1699            Claudio Monteverdi by Bernardo Strozzi, 1640 ·   1607 L’Orfeo (Claudio Monteverdi). Widely regarded as the first operatic masterwork.  ·   1640 Il…

Easy Chord Progressions

Common Chord Progressions Every Beginner Should Know 10 Powerful Chord Progressions Every Songwriter Should Know    

Musical Chairs

Piano Routines and Exercises

The Perfect LEFT HAND Piano Practice Morning Routine  

100 Songs You´ve Heard And Don´t Know The Name

From Vinheteiro    

Notes on the Piano

  5 Note Songs: Mary Had a Little Lamb Twinkle Twinkle Incy Wincy Spider Happy Birthday Frere Jacques Jingle Bells Ode to Joy That’s What Makes You Beautiful