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Can We Not?

Listen to ‘Can We Not? w/ Evan Combest’ on Spreaker.

Boozy News

Listen to ‘Boozy News w/ Roberto de Jesus’ on Spreaker.

Camera Angles (Video Editing)

How To Fake 360 Move in After Effects  

Double Stops on the Guitar

Guitar Double Stops From http://www.fretjam.com/guitar-double-stops.html Double stops are a nice technique to add to your lead guitar repertoire. They’re pretty simple – where you play two notes/strings together. Another name…

Podcast Lists

22 Hours: An American Nightmare WTOP/PodcastOne https://podcastone.com/22-hours-an-american-nightmare It was a case nightmares are made of. A D.C. power couple, their 10-year-old son and housekeeper held hostage for nearly 24 hours and murdered…

Jane Elliott: Blue Eyes Brown Eyes, Anti-Racism

If you don’t know about Jane Elliot, please watch these videos! Her ability to understand the issue is phenomenal, I wish there were more people like her in the world!

Air Force Lt. Gen. addresses cadets about racism